Our Services - Ziebell Jones - Complete Surface Solutions

Ziebell Jones are fully qualified to undertake a vast array of projects. Some of these projects include:

Ziebell Jones have been involved with an array of industrial services including shed floors, tilt panels, new developments, large and small sheds (ranging from 36sqm – 4,000sqm complexes)

Tilt Panels
We specialise in and have the necessary form work to develop high-quality yet cost-effective tilt panels. We are able to mobilise all materials and utensils in order to complete these projects on site and at any location.

Specialist Foundations
Our foundations contain specially designed steel reinforcing that requires scheduling to ensure that the project is carried out with a high degree of accuracy and quality. As the foundation is a vital and integral part of every industrial and commercial structure, each project entails earthworks, steel fixing, form setting and finally placing the concrete with pumps.

Sporting Surfaces
Specialising in sporting complexes, Ziebell Jones has experience in concreting and surfacing tennis courts, bowling greens and cricket practice wickets.

Tennis Courts
Our Tennis courts are predominantly based with a surface coating of either specialist sports paint or synthetic grass enclosed in a 3 meter high fence. We focus on developing the foundation and concreting the base, utilising high quality materials and techniques.

Bowling Greens
Construction can be in either commercial or residential situations. When working on bowing green projects, we utilise a laser levelled gravel base then level with porous sand on top. Synthetic grass is then overlayed on top of this, ensuring a durable and highly dependable bowling green. To ensure that all materials are secure, we develop a concrete edge around the court.

Cricket Practice Wickets
As cricket practice wickets are predominantly concrete based, we make sure that there is a high degree of accuracy when concreting. Once the concrete sets the highest quality of synthetic grass is laid. As installing fencing, roofing and gates are essential we employ experienced subcontractors to place the finishing touches.